Workshop 1
Assessing grain contamination:
the future of quantifiable decision-point diagnostics

Sponsored by EnviroLogix

With the awareness of mono and co-occurring mycotoxin contamination increasing, the need for easy, accurate, and comprehensive decision-point testing has never been more critical to assessing grain quality and maximising operational efficiency. Effective, flexible solutions must be created to keep pace with evolving market needs. EnviroLogix Inc. is a leading producer of mycotoxin and GMO tests serving the food and feed safety market. The company was the first to offer LFD technology for mycotoxin screening and remains committed to delivering innovative solutions to its markets.
This workshop will discuss the innovative diagnostic solutions offered by EnviroLogix that improve operational efficiency in this evolving market.


Workshop 2
Biochip Array Technology:
Towards accurate multi-analyte and multi-matrix Multiplex testing

Sponsored by Randox Food Diagnostics

New horizons for mycotoxin testing have been established by means of the Biochip Array Technology (BAT). This technology encompasses sensitivity, simplicity, rapidity, accuracy and ruggedness. Different matrices (cereals, cereal products, grains, grain products, feed, can analysed for up to ten mycotoxins, quantitatively, simultaneously in one run. The technology has revolutionised mycotoxin routine testing in the food and feed industry, as well as generating detailed surveillance data for governmental food safety programmes.